Practice Areas

At Natalie Snyder Law, we handle all criminal offenses from traffic citations to major felonies. We also work with our clients before they have been charged and through the arraignment process. It is our goal for each and every client to know they are supported and not facing these difficult times alone! We will work with clients, law enforcement, bail agencies, and the judiciary throughout the initial phase of criminal prosecution.


Natalie Snyder Law represents clients facing their first DUI or those facing a prior history of Driving Under the Influence. It is imperative to work with our clients, and the Prosecution to do all that may be possible to limit what can be life altering consequences of this crime. We explore any and all diversionary programs including, but not limited to: ARD and Phoenix Docket options. A conviction for DUI has consequences to both a person’s criminal history and their driving record.


We represent clients in defense of drug charges. At times, these charges may be low level charges, or, they can be serious repeat offenses which carry substantial penalties. Ms. Snyder has a great deal of experience with the many “arms” of these types of crimes and uses that experience to get the best possible result for clients.


As a former prosecutor of “gun crimes”, Ms. Snyder has developed a keen knowledge of gun offenses. The way a form is filled out, can be characterized and treated as a gun offense; it is not limited to instances of actual possession of a firearm. Gun crimes often bring about a very serious response and need to be handled by an attorney familiar with the nuances.


Arson is a very complicated crime to both prosecute and defend. The crime of Arson has many, very specific elements. If you are charged with Arson, you need a defense attorney who is knowledgeable and well versed in this crime. Ms. Snyder was a former prosecutor of Arson offenses and received specialized training regarding the elements of Arson; this extensive training and experience, makes Ms. Snyder uniquely qualified to handle Arson cases.


Despite the notion that traffic citations are “less important/serious” than offenses falling under the crimes code, they can, and often do carry severe penalties. The penalties range from fines, to license suspensions, to possible incarceration. Traffic offenses should not be taken lightly.


Clients facing either temporary of final Protection From Abuse orders, should seek counsel right away. Though these are handled differently that “crimes”, they are difficult and frightening to maneuver by oneself. Our firm has actively handled the defense of these and works to find resolutions that have the least long term effect on our client’s lives.


People with mental health issues need specialized defenses. These clients require compassion and patience to navigate their own personal attributes as well as to assist in navigating the criminal justice system with them. Natalie Snyder Law has helped many clients with mental health issues/illnesses/diagnosis to not only work through the system of facing criminal charges, but to aid in possible resolution or mitigation of past experiences.College students present their own host of needs when it comes to criminal defense. Typically, college students are cited with Underage Drinking and, too often, they do not think it is as consequential as it is. Underage Drinking subjects a person to a suspension of their driving privileges in Pennsylvania.